Tiktok or Douyin with its name known in China, is an application launched by China-based ByteDance in 2016.In 2018, Tiktok merged with the company’s other application, Musically.ly.

Tiktok has many features such as messaging, opening a live broadcast, group building, and voice calls, but its main purpose is 15-second video…

In this week’s article, I will share with you the place of advertising in the game industry, my own short game experience and the ads I have encountered in these games.

I want to start my article with worldwide data. According to the latest research of DFC Intelligence, known for…

The New Museum is Manhattan’s only contemporary art museum actively working with living artists. The museum has been hosting art lovers since 1977.

The New Museum Digital Archive contains more than 10,000 objects (images, videos, sounds) covering the Museum’s forty years of existence. The works that previously only hung on…

Our topic this week is datafied culture. First of all, I want to start my article by talking about datafied culture.

Our lecturer explained the datafied culture in the class as follows:

Datafied culture- referring to the process of datafication, of turning cultural materials and activities into data.

-approaching cultural…

Digital Culture

This page contains blog posts by journalist Melissa Feza Katlar about digital culture as part of a project.

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